After a looking at hundreds of thousands of wedding photos, I’m always amazed at what friends and family come up with when given freedom to take their own picture! There’s a level of insanity that just can’t be recreated otherwise, and it really is a great way to add another piece of the puzzle to your wedding-day story. That’s why it’s included in our base coverage for every one of our packages.

The Photo Booth is simply a camera on a tripod, studio lights (including a ring flash), and a remote trigger for guests (see photos below). It doesn’t require a photographer or assistant to operate. The photos are then posted online,¬†where guests can drag and drop photos, at no cost, a few days after the wedding.

We do have a white backdrop that can be used, but more often than not, couples like to make their own or just use the decor of their chosen venue. Either way, you’ll be shocked and awed (pleasantly, and usually hilariously) at what your guests capture on your wedding day.